Kiss and Don’t Get Sick

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  • Nov 18, 2022

While kissing, partners immunize each other, but can also make each other sick. Kissing strengthens the heart, immunity, and even the teeth, but at the same time does not exclude the risk of catching an infection. Even some people think that kissing can also bring pimples. Then they ask, why do I get pimples on my lips after kissing?

Kissing as an important element of a romantic relationship exists in many cultures. There are different points of view on how and why it arose. There are analogs in the animal world. From a biological point of view, a kiss is the complete exchange of information with another person. Smell and taste are chemical communication channels that subconsciously tell us if a partner is right for us. Different aspects of kissing are studied by the special science of philematology, which was recognized as a science in 2009. So kissing is serious.

But there is another side to kissing, so to speak, hygienic. Is it healthy or unhealthy to come into such close contact with another person, even if you feel sympathy and attraction to him? There are some contradictory statements on this point.

Kissing as Medicine

During a kiss, it dilates blood vessels, slightly increasing pressure, the heart beats faster (in men, on average up to 110 beats per minute, for women – up to 108), and breathing becomes faster. Such activation of the cardiovascular system is good for a healthy person, and the body gets more oxygen.

A kiss tones the body while simultaneously removing stress and tension. The brain produces endorphins – endogenous opiates: they cause a feeling of joy and, at the same time, relieve pain.

American experts have calculated that kissing works more than 30 facial muscles, which keeps the skin supple and increases blood supply.

Saliva contains many bacteria that do not cause disease but simply live in the mouth. Scientists have estimated that 80% of the bacteria in a person’s mouth are the same in everyone, and 20% are individual. When kissing, partners exchange them. Other people’s bacteria stimulate the immune system, causing antibodies to form.

Finally, dentists say kissing increases the secretion of saliva, which is rich in calcium and phosphorus compounds that penetrate the tooth enamel and protect teeth from cavities.

Kissing is An Infection of Vector

Such a poster adorned the walls of the registry office of Ilf and Petrov. And it’s also true. In addition to harmless bacteria, kissing partners can transmit pathogens of various diseases to each other.

Here are examples of diseases that can be transmitted through kissing.

First and foremost are influenza, SARS, and mononucleosis, which is even called kissing disease: it is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, which is spread through saliva.

Herpes and hepatitis B can be guaranteed if the infected partner has wounds on the lips or mouth.

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier discussed the possibility of HIV transmission through kissing, the first person in the world to discover that AIDS is caused by HIV infection. “Many scientists in vain ignore the danger of kissing, especially deep kissing, to the transmission of HIV,” the scientist said. Citing his research, Montaigne said salivary glands could accumulate components of the virus that are transmitted with saliva during deep kissing.

Sexually transmitted infections-syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia-can be acquired with it. Deep kissing can transmit meningococcal infection, one of the consequences of which is meningitis.

Children should not be kissed on the lips because parents can pass bacteria that cause tooth decay to them. Adults have antibodies to cavity-causing bacteria, but young children do not.

Of course, lovers can’t be scared off by all these scourges. They will still merge in a kiss. And they certainly won’t accept the scandalously famous politician’s innovation of kissing each other on the forehead like dead people. But kissing anyone is still not a good idea, just like not using protection during sex.
What about pimples? Is it true that acne can be spread by kissing? This why do I get pimples on my lips after kissing article answers your questions. You don’t need to be upset about pimples that appear after kissing. Pimple is not contagious, so kissing is not the cause of pimples.

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